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Available for Individual Practice Meetings; Seeking Suggestions for Programs and Topics

By Minneapolis Insight

FRI JUN 11, 2021

Dear Community,

Next Community Meditation Session

We'll meet again via Zoom this Sunday, June 13th, from 10 - 11am CST. Ben will be leading the session. Register here to join us. As always, we're looking forward to learning from one another and being in community.

Available for Individual Practice Meetings & Questions

Discussing your practice one-on-one with another practitioner can be a great aid to sustaining and deepening your practice. If you have practice questions you can reply directly to this email, or schedule an individual practice meeting with Ben.

Program & Topic Suggestions

Our aspiration at Minneapolis Insight is to serve the real-time needs of the community. If you have any programs you'd like to see offered or any particular topics you'd like to see discussed, please let us know by replying to this email.

With metta (loving-kindness),

Minneapolis Insight