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Next Practice Meeting 2/6, 10am - Jane R Leading

By Minneapolis Insight

FRI FEB 04, 2022

Dear community,

Our next community meeting will be this Sunday, February 6th, at 10am. Jane R will be leading the session. Please join us for practice, reflection, and discussion. We look forward to being with you.

Following is a statement on the police killing of Amir Locke. This includes references to police brutality.

On Wednesday, Minneapolis Police killed another young Black man in our city. Amir Locke was not named on the warrant being served, was in possession of a legal firearm which he did not use, and was asleep on the couch when police entered the building under a no knock warrant and without announcing themselves until in the home. Amir was killed 9 seconds after police opened the door.

As Buddhist practitioners, we strive to do no harm. This includes evaluating how we may benefit from or be complicit in systems which perpetuate harm to other beings, and to commit to working to dismantle these systems. We join other community leaders in demanding transparency in the evaluation of this case. We hold city leadership accountable for pursuing justice, including taking action to ensure this violence is not perpetrated in the future--action that has been painfully lacking.

We also hold ourselves, our community, and the world with deep compassion arising from our practice. We understand that the justice offered by current systems is reactionary and insufficient. May our practice be a condition for clear seeing and a source of resolve to right action.


Minneapolis Insight