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Support for Non-violent Direct Action to Protect Election Outcomes

By Minneapolis Insight

THU NOV 05, 2020

Dear friends,

In light of continued unrest in our communities, coupled with the possibility of attacks on the democratic institutions in the United States, Minneapolis Insight has partnered with a number of other sanghas in the Twin Cities area to form the Inter-sangha Non-violent Direct Action Group. This group is intended to help Buddhists and all those committed to non-harm and freedom for all beings to connect, organize, and respond to the many sources of suffering and attacks on justice in our society.

As election unrest continues and potentially grows, the Action Group has shared the below message. If you have questions about this, you're welcome to reach out to us at Minneapolis Insight directly (you can respond to this email).

Wishing you peace and strength,

Alex M


Dear community,

As predicted by many, we moved through Wednesday facing significant uncertainty about the election outcome. Even today, many mail-in ballots are left to be counted, including in states with very tight races. We hope to have some sense of final outcome today, although proceedings may extend much longer, especially if there are legal challenges.

As of now, it appears that all states are moving forward with ballot counting as we would expect and hope to see. For this reason, the Inter-sangha Non-violent Direct Action group is not planning a major turnout for any actions in the next couple of days. Of course, if the situation in states changes, we'll want to be ready to respond quickly.

On Saturday, 11/7, at 12pm a large cross-section of organizations will be assembling to advocate for all votes to be counted and the outcome to be respected. For now, our Inter-Sangha group intends to be represented at this event, and invite any and all of you to join us to stand in solidarity and in non-violent direct action with our community. We will have a banner and representatives available for you to connect with to make sure you can find us. See below for more details:
- When? Saturday, 11/7, at 12pm
- Where? 3000 Minnehaha Ave., Minneapolis (outside the old 3rd Precinct building)
- Who? The Inter-Sangha Non-Violent Direct Action group will be assembling and available for you to find. If you are having difficulty finding the group please contact:
- Ben Connelly (612-821-8736)
- Alex Meyers (816-813-6886)
What? We'll be supporting this action coordinated by many different groups. Our focus for now is on ensuring all ballots are counted and that the result of the vote is respected.

We will send another email Saturday morning to confirm our intentions. Please reach out if you have advance questions.

In peace and solidarity,

The Inter-sangha Non-violent Direct Action Group