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Thanksgiving Weekend Practice - 11/29

By Minneapolis Insight

FRI NOV 27, 2020

Dear friends,

During this Thanksgiving week, the moment-to-moment arising of the brahmavihārās, the four divine qualities of the heart, seems particularly evident. 

With metta (lovingkindness) as our foundation, we express appreciation for all the beings who enrich our lives and bring us love, joy, and support.

With karuna (compassion), we meet the suffering marked by this season--the legacy of colonialism, genocide, and land theft, and subsequent and ongoing covering over of these harms.  This year, we further meet the incredible loss of life resulting from the global coronavirus pandemic, as well as the difficulties of letting go of family traditions and connections.

With mudita (appreciative joy), we connect to the happiness that arises in our communities when we come together--whether in person or through Zoom.  A relatively warm afternoon and a snatch of birdsong can be sources of mutual joy.

And with upekkha (equanimity), we watch these ups and downs with balance and composure, with a heart that can appreciate the joys and connect to the sorrows.

However you are experiencing this week, we hope you’ll join our community for practice this Sunday at 10am.  Alex M will be facilitating.  Register here.

Wishing you peace,

Minneapolis Insight