"Getting Unstuck" this Sunday with Jean Haley

October 20, 2023

"Getting Unstuck" this Sunday with Jean Haley

Dear Community,

Sunday 10am Community Practice & Discussion

We will meet via Zoom this Sunday, 10/21, from 10 - 11am CT for our weekly Community Practice & Discussion. Jean Haley will be leading on the theme of Getting Unstuck:

Most, if not all of us, find ourselves stuck, at times, in old conditioned patterns of thought and behavior that cause suffering (for ourselves and others). We see this today on both the individual and collective level, with a seemingly endless stream of violence arising from unhealed trauma and our conditioned, fearful responses. As Thanissara remarked recently, “What we don’t free internally gets projected out onto others.”

Freedom is only possible when we have enough presence of mind to recognize, feel, and release our reactive patterns with an attitude of compassion. Join us this Sunday to practice mindfulness and free our minds to contribute, as best we are able, to internal and external peace.

Ajahn Chah said that when you can’t go up, down, or anywhere, then your practice really begins. This appears to be that time.

We look forward to practicing with you all. Registration & Zoom information can be found here.

With metta and karuna (loving-kindness and compassion),
Minneapolis Insight