"Transcending Thinking and Doing" this Sunday with Jean; Full Moon Gathering this Tuesday at 7pm

July 28, 2023

"Transcending Thinking and Doing" this Sunday with Jean; Full Moon Gathering this Tuesday at 7pm

Dear Community,

Sunday 10am Community Practice & Discussion with Jean Haley

On a recent retreat at Spirit Rock, I (Jean) sat on a bench with a plaque commemorating the life of someone named Joan Sheldon who died at age 57. It read:

At the end of it all, these are the questions that should be asked:

Did I love well?
Did I live life fully?
Did I deeply learn to let go?

In last week’s newsletter (archive here), Benjamin quoted Ajahn Sumedho as saying:

The most profound teaching is the phrase “wake up”. Hearing this, one then asks, “what am I supposed to do next?” We complicate it again because we’re not used to being really awake and fully present. We’re used to thinking about things and analyzing them; trying to get something or get rid of something; achieving and attaining…

The three questions on the bench at Spirit Rock have helped me to wake up and transcend, at least momentarily, all the thinking and doing. They give me a jolt and remind me of why I practice: to cultivate love for all beings, to live this precious life fully, and to practice non-attachment.

Please join us this Sunday to continue the practice of waking up and resting, to the best of our ability, in a spacious, intuitive awareness. This is a lifelong practice that’s so much easier in community.

Registration and Zoom information available here.

Full Moon Gathering this Monday evening, July 3rd, at 7pm

From 7:00 to 8:30 pm on Tuesday, August 1st we will come together via Zoom for meditation and sharing; taking a break from our busy outer lives to attend to our inner lives and to offer ourselves and one another support. During this Full Moon Gathering we will explore practices that offer us balance and a place of refuge amid the day-to-day challenges of being human. We hope that you can join us. Registration and Zoom information available here.
"There is a moon inside every human being. Learn to be companions with it."— Rumi

With metta,
Minneapolis Insight